A saintly man from Palappallil family of Kurampala once reached Kodungallur and stayed there for pretty long period, worshipping ‘Kurumba’ devi with due observations. This man could with stand and succeed the experiments of Devi. Delighted in the ‘Bhakthi’ of this devotee, Devi herself graced him with a part of her spiritual strength. This man collecting this ‘Sakthi’ in a stone idol and covering it in redsilk, returned to his native place. He informed this good news to the villagers. Accordingly a temple was built there and the installation of idol was done ceremonially. Idol here is an eight handed Bhadrakali Kolam made of the hardwood of jacktree.

Palappallil family is given the Velichappadu status (here Valiyachan) honorably. Ganapathy, Yakshi, Adavi, madan, marutha, Anamarutha, Moorthy, Ghantakarnan and like subdeities are also seen installed here. Ancient way of offerings sacrifices and worship remain here as such, of course the true cross section of religious life before aryanization.

Kurampala got its name as the Alayam (abode) of Kurumba (devi) as believed by many people. A different view is also there. A place where many ‘Alas’(workshops) making ‘koorampu’ (sharp arrow) existed, later became Kurampala. Kurampalakkara is devided into three regions and a thirty member commitee and three auditors consisting of the representatives of all there three regions carry out the day to day administrative matters of the temple.